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KKA Brand Story

 Tired of traffic jam and the outdated moving model, Mr. Li set out to create a top-notch brand. Since the prosperity of American board culture, we located our company headquarter in Las Vegas, where we strive to lead the technology of board as it can be and will be.

 In 2015, we founded "Better Wheels" with the dream of shaking up the personal short tour intelligence mobility industry. And then in 2017, we carried out "KKA" as our brand, among which, the "KK" resemble for an arrow sign, "route, road sign", "A" resemble for "symbol of location", to make it more sense, it also stands for "oK, Cool(Kool), America!". At KKA, we strive to make the short distance mobility safer, more convenient and intelligent!

 Always yearn for inspiration, today we partner with IO HAWK (one of the personal intelligence mobility device leaders in U.S.), together with which we deliver up-to-date idea.

 Steep in the community for decades, we always keep an open and predisposed attitude for the technology, such as AI, IOT, APP etc.

 Considering the huge fans across the world, we have several top-level manufacturers in Mainland China exclusively to ensure the product quality for years.

 Today we have various social media channels to promote brand awareness, e.g.: Facebook, YouTube, twitter, Instagram, etc., not to say our official site.(http://www.kkascooter.com/)

 Our warehouse in U.S. is quite large, about 15,000 square meters in Fayetteville, TN, U.S. Meanwhile, we have amazon and eBay store, and also support dropshipping partnership with various companions, let's make something happen about the future!

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